Books tagged "feminism"

Beowulf - Cover
June 6, 2021
Unknown, Maria Dahvana Headley

I loved this. I've never read Beowulf before, and am very very happy this is translation was the first. Highly readable, with very fun and enjoyable language, and some nice comments from the author at the start. I'll definitely be reading this again, and am now keen to read more books by her! Highly recommended.

Feminist City - Cover
May 10, 2021
Leslie Kern

An interesting discussion around how cities are not constructed for the enjoyment of *everyone*, and are gendered in various ways. Also raises some interesting arguments around how hard it is to balance privileging different groups when deciding on improvements to urban infrastructure. Overall, I was left a bit unsatisfied and was hoping for a bit more exploration of some possible answers; but certainly would still recommend it to get motivated and understand the space of problems to solve!

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