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Venice: City of Pictures - Cover Find on
June 2, 2024
by Martin Gayford

I loved this. I haven't read much art history, but this was a beautiful way to learn to appreciate art in the context in which it was made. Also contained some nice detours into architecture and urban planning that influenced the art/development of Venice. Will definitely try and read more like this in the future!

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The Production of Houses - Cover Find on
September 4, 2022
by Christopher W. Alexander, Howard Davis, Julio Martinez, Don Corner

(A special holiday-edition of the book photo from sunny Italy). This is one in a long list of book written by Alexander and collaborators about building and architecture. This book is essentially a case study in his building process adopted by a community in Mexico. Ultimately I think it's fair to say the project failed; in part due to the government. The thing I liked about this book is it showed "real-world" issues with the adoption of his process; insofar as not everyone engaged in the patterns and building process as he expected.

One interesting thing it has is a discussion of how to achieve his particular kind of building in a decentralised way; and it's quite practical and interesting. I think it's fun to see this kind of discussion, which is topical now, in a work that is quite old. That said, this book is probably not for you unless you happen to be particularly obsessed with Christopher Alexander and community-focused building.

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