The Woman In Me - Cover
Britney Spears
Published by Gallery Books, 2023
Pages 288
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music, personal

The Woman in Me

This was interesting and sad, truthfully. I've read a few of these "high-profile female celebrity" life books, and the common theme is just how much of a "normal" life they want, and how people around them betray them. I also think it's such a shame for people who's professional dream just happens to be one which makes them famous (not something that is likely to happen to me!), and then they suffer the consequences.

Of course there is also the story of the conservatorship, which personally I can't begin to understand how it's legal.

Overall, a very interesting and worthwhile read, and just a reminder, for me, of the importance of building self-empowerment in all children, and just the appreciation for a caring and supportive upbringing that I have had.